At the beginning of this past summer my good buddies Kyle, Ty and Woody opened up what has already become the best bike shop in LA, Golden Saddle Cyclery. To commemorate the occasion I made them a drawing with a traditional Japanese Maneki Neko cat, commonly seen in shops to bring in good luck and lots of money! Of course I had to have a little fun with the message, but then we decided to make a more culturally sensitive version for the first set of shop t-shirts. The first run sold out almost instantly. A second edition is available now!

From Kyle, via Trackosaurus Rex:

One of the first shop-warming gifts we received here at GSC was a framed drawing of a Maneki Neko kitty on a sweet vintage Track Bike beckoning us all to come along for the ride and that we did. Golden Saddle Cyclery has now been open for six months and we’re alive and well(just a little tired). So we wanted to honor this particular Maneki Neko kitty by printing it onto a t-shirt for all to wear. Printed in the US on American Apparel Tri-Blend Track tees(arguably the most comfortable tee made here in the US)!


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